Where do my membership dues go?

When you become a member of SICBA, you also become a member of the state (BIAW) and national associations (NAHB), and a part of your dues are forwarded on to those branches of the federation. As you know, this is how we’re able to give every member a 3-in-1 membership.

Our primary mission is to represent the building industry here in Skagit and Island Counties by serving members of our local housing industry, like you. In order to do that, we work through our local-state-national network toward balanced legislative, regulatory and judicial public policy, and create a strong public appreciation for the importance of housing and those who provide it.

Our expertise combined with our state and national counterparts make us the premier resource for industry information, education, research and technical expertise. Resources provided to members are actually the most valuable business tools and information available to them because they are specific to the building industry. From business planning to technical expertise to public relations to economic forecasts, a wealth of assets are here to keep you and your business competitive and profitable.

Your 3-in-1 membership connects you and your business to a powerful combination of educational opportunities and networking events that help you improve your business performance. You have opportunities throughout the year to connect with and learn from the best builders and associates in the industry! Our federation has more than 235,000 members and as a member, you’re a part of the network that shapes the industry.

Here at the SICBA, a small portion of your dues cover operating expenses and member services. Those things together combine in our overarching goal of achieving total member satisfaction by keeping you informed and providing important member benefits, such as education and advocacy.

Last year, our expenses, were approximately $446,000. Other than member dues ($93,000 in 2006 stayed at SICBA), SICBA income is derived from the sale of advertising space, return on our investments, our management fee from the ROII program and Health Insurance program, the annual Home Show and the Home Tour. Without this other income, 2006 operations would have ended with a huge deficit.

We hope this will help you see why the services offered are so important to all of us. Not only does the Return On Industrial Insurance offer those qualifying companies a refund based on their safety record, it is also a non-dues revenue source for SICBA. Medical plans offered through the BIAW Health Insurance is another money saving benefit for your company and the “Program Access Fee” supports other SICBA services while keeping your membership dues from rising. We encourage you to “shop” this member service and see if it is another benefit of membership that fits your company.