• Safety/Quality Control Person

    List of Key Responsibilities:

    • Supervise the safety of all employees
    • Stay current on and inform employees of all WISHA rules and regulations to apply
    • Be responsible for all training, inspection and documentation for all things pertaining to workplace safety
    • Supervise the training of all new and rehires, and all required documentation
    • Assess and resolve any quality control issues that arise
    • Work closely with crews throughout jobs/help with any issues that may arise during job
    • Work with customers to troubleshoot any issues/needs that come up throughout job
    List of General Responsibilities:
    • Act as company representative for all contact with the Department of Labor and Industries
    • Help at the yard location to load/unload trucks at times
    • Bring extra material or tools to crews if necessary
    • Pick up special items required for jobs when needed
    • Prompt return of customer emails/calls
    • Maintain clean work truck, help crew leaders to keep clean trucks
    Must Have Knowledge of:
    • Roofing and gutter products that we offer
    • New roofing and gutter products in the industry
    • Current codes
    • General safety best practices
    • WISHA Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Roofing Industry
    Skills, Knowledge and Attitude for Job:
    Must Have Skills:
    • 10 years construction industry experience
    • Efficient computer usage
    • WA state driver’s license with good driving record
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Must pass background check
    • Able to work efficiently on roofs without fear of heights
    • General math skills
    • Good communication skills
    • Organized
    • Forklift operation (preferred)
    • Ability to lift up to 75 lbs.
    • Ability to manage online reporting with the Washington State Dept of L&I website
    Must Be Aware of Attributes/Attitudes/Aptitudes:
    • Knowledge of all company policies
    • Ability to problem solve
    • Compliance with company safety procedures
    • Meet general job conduct requirements
    • Must have a positive attitude
    • Ability to work hard to meet deadlines and keep customers happy
    • Team player mentality
    • “The drive to “always do the right thing”

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