Member Benefits

Safety Plan & Inspection
SICBA offers a FREE sample written safety plan and job site inspection for Members.

Group Health Insurance
A reduced cost, competitive health plan through Blue Shield offering 15 to 20% savings on Employee Sponsored Health Insurance.
Call 1-800-545-7011 ext. 6 for a personalized price quote.

Return On Industrial Insurance
The R.O.I.I.® Program has been around for 33 years, and has over 1,600 companies currently enrolled.

Building Industry Insurance Program – BiiP
BIAW’s Building Industry Insurance Program (BiiP), is a member benefit which allows members to purchase high-quality, competitively-priced insurance products through qualified member insurance agents. Member insurance agents may also become qualified to sell BiiP products.  To find out more go BIAW’s BiiP webpage.

Verizon Discount Program
Verizon has the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless 4G and 3G networks. Through NPP our eligible members* receive a significant % savings.  Contact your local Verizon Representative below.

Attached are 2 flyers with SICBA’s local contact information:
Verizon Member Discount Program, Categories eligible
Verizon Q&A

To sign up, please visit If you have any questions or would like to have a Verizon business sales representative reach out to you, please call NPP at 800.810.3909 or email

  • *Companies performing a significant amount of physical construction services, as well as architects, engineers, and surveyors.

Cost Cutting Discounts
Savings program through National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for cellular equipment, auto rentals, office supplies, shipping discounts, and credit cards.

State and National Affiliation
Automatic affiliation with Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Networking Opportunities
Business contacts and networking with other SICBA Member Companies. Attend our monthly events the third Tuesday of each month. Join a committee, or Reserve for upcoming events now!

Local, State and National representation with lawmakers and lobbying efforts to ensure a secure future for the building Industry SICBA offers a professional approach to legislative issues that affect our industry as a whole.

No one can afford to “go it alone” in an industry so vital to our local as well as our national economy.

SICBA recognizes that political groups are consistently gnawing at the very root of the “American Dream” to own a house and property.

Increased membership and strong organization means that SICBA can and will survive to help every person reach the reality of their “American Dream”.

Information & Resources
Local information and resources such as the monthly Building Blocks newsletter, Educational Workshops, Goldmine Directory, monthly dinner meetings, links to and keeps you up to date on businesses and provide you with local community information and connections.

State information and resources such as Safety Consultant, Building Insight Newsletter, Legislative alerts, Law Makers Reviews, Campaign Schools and link to keeps you up to date on Washington State issues.

National information and resources such as NAHB library, Home Builders Bookstore, Free Technical Advice, National Building News and links to and keeps you up to date on National Issues.

SICBA Promotions & Advertising

  • Annual Home & Garden Show Booths and Sponsorship
  • Advertising and flyer opportunities in monthly Building Blocks newsletter.
  • Sponsorship at Events such as Home & Garden Show, Golf Tournament, SICBA Home Tour and Monthly Networking Meetings.
  • Use of the SICBA Logo in your advertising.
  • Advertising on the SICBA Website. 
  • Inclusion in the SICBA Member Goldmine Directory with options for advertising.  View the digital flip book directory by CLICKING HERE.  For the most up to date information view the FIND-A-PRO directory online.

Did you know that every time you advertise in a local publication you can and should display the SICBA Logo? Be proud of your affiliation and let your friends and neighbors know you belong. If you are featured in a story, be sure to ask them to mention your affiliation with SICBA.

These are other ways to positively advertise your association.

AS A REMINDER… In Accordance with RCW 18.27.100 (Business Practices – Advertising – Penalty), SICBA would like to remind you that if you are soliciting business through advertising, you are required to include your Contractor Registration Number on the advertisement. The advertising agency has no responsibility to be sure it is included. SICBA recommends that you include this as part of a check list when submitting advertising to the media in order to comply with the RCW in every way.

Additional Benefits
Your automatic affiliation with BIAW and NAHB offers numerous other benefits.

A few of those are:

  • Free Legal Advice on Land Use and environmental law from BIAW and NAHB
  • State and National Networking opportunities at BIAW and NAHB events
  • Professional Designation through certification programs to enhance credibility
  • Each year SICBA offers two scholarships to higher institutions of learning
  • News and information to keep you appraised of the latest trends, legislative developments, construction technology and more.