• About Us

  • Mission Statement

    Established in 1979, we are your neighbors and community leaders, providing education and support for building industry professionals. We promote jobs for local people by encouraging homeownership, sustainable growth, environmentally conscious building practices and stewardship for Skagit and Island Counties.

  • Code of Ethics

    Members of the Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association believe and affirm that:

    1. Home ownership can and should be within reach of every American family.
    2. American homes should be well designed, well constructed and well located in attractive communities with educational, recreational, religious, and shopping facilities accessible to all.
    3. American homes should be built under the free American enterprise system.

    To achieve these goals, we pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies:

    1. Our paramount responsibility is to our customer, and our community and county.
    2. Honesty is our guiding business policy.
    3. High standards of health, safety, and sanitation shall be built into every home.
    4. Members shall deal fairly with their respective employees, sub-contractors and Suppliers.
    5. All members ascribe to the view that alleged misconduct of an Association member shall be investigated by an Association Committee.
    6. As member of a progressive industry, we encourage research to develop new materials, new building techniques, new building equipment and improved methods of home financing, to the end that every home purchaser may get the greatest value possible for every dollar.
    7. All sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support.
    8. We hold inviolate the free enterprise system and the American Way of Life. We pledge our support of our associates, our Local, State, and National Associations and all related industries concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights and freedoms.


    We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are a part of our obligation as members of the Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association.

  • Staff, Officers & Directors

  • SICBA Staff SICBA Staff

    Main Office
    15571 - A Peterson Rd
    Burlington, WA  98233

    Charles W. (Wayne) Crider   
    Executive Officer

    Rayna Moe
    Education & Finance Coordinator

    Lianna Neyens
    Marketing & Events Coordinator

    Jonathan Metz
    Membership/Member Services Coordinator

  • SICBA Officers SICBA Officers

    President: Jay Roberts;   Cascade Custom Homes & Design
    1st Vice President:  Gary Wray;   Wray Bros LLC
    2nd Vice President: Roy Mureno;   Blade Chevrolet
    Treasurer:  Kim Piazza;
                                John Piazza Jr. Construction & Remodeling

    Secretary: Kris Tully;   CPI Plumbing & Heating Inc
    So. Whidbey Chapter Pres.: Dave Johnson
                                                    Price Johnson Construction Inc

    Builder Board Members
    Paul Woodmansee
      BYK Construction
    Curtis Banta
      Yonkman Construction
    Jim Dorris
      JD Painting
    Lisa Munson
      No 7 Development

    Associate Board Members
    Ben Sousa
      Craft Stoves                      
    Kathy Sanchez
      Northwestern Mutual
    Lori Manduchi   
      The Enchanting Florist             
    Dee Dee Swartz
      Olympus Containers

    South Whidbey Representative
    Charles Locke

  • Directors Directors

    National Delegates
    Ted Clifton / Clifton View Homes
    Bob Johnson / Ward-Johnson Masonry & Title
    Barry Harter / Central Payment Corp

    National Life Delegates
    Bob Moe / Triple R Framing & Drywall LLC
    Ted Clifton / Clifton View Homes

    National Senior Life Delegates
    Dottie Piazza / Piazza Realty Property Management Inc
    John Piazza / Piazza & Associates Consultants Inc.

    State Directors
    Jay Roberts / Cascade Custom Homes & Design
    Martha Rose / Martha Rose Construction
    Chris Deasy / Christopher Homes
    Gary Wray / Laser Construction & Development Inc.
    Scott Yonkman / Yonkman Construction Inc
    Charles Lock / Back In The Woods Works
    Barry Harter / Central Payment Corp
    Roy Mureno / Blade Chevrolet
    Patrick Hayes / Friend of the Industry

    State Life Directors
    Bob Moe / Triple R Framing & Drywall LLC
    Scott Rainwater / Rodda Paint
    John Piazza Sr. / Piazza & Associates Consultants Inc.
    Dottie Piazza / Piazza Property Management
    Rick Tremaine/ SaviBank
    Bob Johnson / Ward-Johnson Masonry & Tile
    Ted Clifton / Clifton View Homes

  • Community Involvement - SICBA is Involved in the Community!


  • Community Programs Community Programs

    Playhouse Challenge
    In 2009, the Home & Garden Show Committee created the Playhouse Challenge. The concept was a SICBA Builder team created and built a Playhouse which is then donated to a local Charity. The charity then raffles the playhouse with the winner announced on the last day of the Home & Garden Show. The first year was phenomenal with 6 playhouses built by 6 builder teams and donated to 6 local charities. Nearly $18,000 was raised for the local charities in the first year. The Playhouse Challenge has continued with a total of $132,906.85 being raised to date for local charities including Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation, Habitat for Humanity of Island County, Children’s Museum of Skagit County, The Landing, Reverie Outreach – Feeding the Hungry, Friendship House, North Puget Sound Cancer Center and 4-H of Island County. If you are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and would like to participate in the Playhouse for Charity Challenge, please contact the SICBA office at 360-757-6916.

    Oasis Teen Shelter
    SICBA members took on the project of making necessary updates and improvements to the YMCA Oasis Teen Shelter in Mount Vernon.  Many SICBA members donated their time, materials and expertise to updating lighting, insulation, paint, flooring, windows, the list goes on and on.  This shelter is the only one that provides emergency housing for teenagers between Bellingham and Everett, and has teenagers using its services almost every single night. The teens using it range from young pregnant mothers to those escaping homes with drugs and domestic violence.  If you would like to donate to this community project, please contact Josh Baldwin at 360-293-0656.

    Annual Charity Golf Tournament
    From 1984 to current, SICBA hosted the annual Charity Golf Tournament. Recipients of the funds raised from the tournament have been HOPE, Good Cheer, Children’s Museum, Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care, Toddler Learning Center, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Youth Dynamics to name a few agencies.

    Toys for Tots
    At the SICBA Christmas Dinner, SICBA members bring unwrapped toys for the Marines to take with them and distribute to needy families in Skagit and Island Counties. The SICBA members donate over 100 toys each year.

    Scholarship Program
    The Scholarship committee awards several scholarships each year. Applications are accepted until early April and awarded in June of each year. If a student is participating in a construction-related curriculum, they may be awarded and additional scholarship.

    Annual Chicken Challenge
    From 1997 to 2011, SICBA members raised funds for the Annual Chicken Challenge. The funds raised are used to purchase Chicken to donate to the Skagit & Island Counties Food Banks. In 1997, the members donated over $1,500 and delivered 5,094 pounds of chicken to the Food Banks. Since then, the annual delivery had been as high as 51,000 pounds of chicken. In 2009, SICBA created the Playhouse Challenge in conjuntion with the Home & Garden Show which replaced the Chicken Challenge. See below for more info on the Playhouse Challenge.

    Scholarship Programs Scholarship Programs

    SICBA’s annual scholarship program accepts applications until April 7th of each year.  Nominees will be reviewed in late April the winner(s) will be announced in May of each year.  As a minimum, one son or daughter of a SICBA member who is in or entering higher education can compete to secure up to a $2,500 scholarship.  Another scholarship may be awarded to a worthy student within construction-related curriculum at Skagit Valley College or other institution of higher education.


    BIAW’s Scholarship Opportunity!

    The purpose of the BIAW Education Program Scholarship is to recognize students pursing a career in the homebuilding industry. BIAW recognizes education as the very core of our industry, and the scholarship program supports students who have selected home building as their life's work.

    Education Program Scholarship recipents are announced mid-year and recognized in Building Insight and posted on our website.

    The Scholarship Application is now available on BIAW’s website and can be found by CLICKING HERE or by calling Amanda with the BIAW Education Program at 800-228-4229 ext. 114.  Completed Applications must be postmarked by May 1st.

    Click here for more info and the BIAW Scholarship application!

  • Other SICBA Chapters

    SICBA South Whidbey Chapter

    The South Whidbey Home Builders Chapter was established in 2001 to better serve and represent South Whidbey Island Builders on issues affecting the building industry in Island County. This chapter has grown over the years to 60 member companies that actively take part in community events and projects that better the communities on South Whidbey and create a positive impact of our industry in that part of our service area. Their current board of directors are:

    President: Dave Johnson
    Vice President: Jim Thelen
    Secretary: Sally Paul
    Builder Board Member: Charles Locke, CGP
    Associate Board Members: Tiane White and Matt Kukuk

    For information on how to join the South Whidbey Home Builders, call the SICBA office at (360) 757-6916 or 1-888-497-4222.

  • Labor & Industries Labor & Industries

    How do I contact L & I or find out if a company is registered?

    www.lni.wa.gov  or 800-547-8367

    Washington State Labor & Industries
    PO Box 44000
    Olympia, WA  98504

    R.O.I.I. Select R.O.I.I. Select

    The R.O.I.I.® Program has been around for 35 years, and nearly 2,000 companies currently enrolled.

    In 2016, 142 SICBA members received a combined refund of $765,276.26, from being enrolled in the ROII Program.

    Learn more about R.O.I.I.® Select

    Where Do My Membership Dues Go? Where Do My Membership Dues Go?

    When you become a member of SICBA, you also become a member of the state (BIAW) and national associations (NAHB), and a part of your dues are forwarded on to those branches of the federation. As you know, this is how we’re able to give every member a 3-in-1 membership.

    Our primary mission is to represent the building industry here in Skagit and Island Counties by serving members of our local housing industry, like you. In order to do that, we work through our local-state-national network toward balanced legislative, regulatory and judicial public policy, and create a strong public appreciation for the importance of housing and those who provide it.

    Our expertise combined with our state and national counterparts make us the premier resource for industry information, education, research and technical expertise. Resources provided to members are actually the most valuable business tools and information available to them because they are specific to the building industry. From business planning to technical expertise to public relations to economic forecasts, a wealth of assets are here to keep you and your business competitive and profitable.

    Your 3-in-1 membership connects you and your business to a powerful combination of educational opportunities and networking events that help you improve your business performance. You have opportunities throughout the year to connect with and learn from the best builders and associates in the industry! Our federation has more than 235,000 members and as a member, you’re a part of the network that shapes the industry.

    Here at the SICBA, a small portion of your dues cover operating expenses and member services. Those things together combine in our overarching goal of achieving total member satisfaction by keeping you informed and providing important member benefits, such as education and advocacy.

    Last year, our expenses, were approximately $446,000. Other than member dues ($93,000 in 2006 stayed at SICBA), SICBA income is derived from the sale of advertising space, return on our investments, our management fee from the ROII program and Health Insurance program, the annual Home Show and the Home Tour. Without this other income, 2006 operations would have ended with a huge deficit.

    We hope this will help you see why the services offered are so important to all of us. Not only does the Return On Industrial Insurance offer those qualifying companies a refund based on their safety record, it is also a non-dues revenue source for SICBA. Medical plans offered through the BIAW Health Insurance is another money saving benefit for your company and the “Program Access Fee” supports other SICBA services while keeping your membership dues from rising. We encourage you to “shop” this member service and see if it is another benefit of membership that fits your company.

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