• Member Benefits

  • BIAW Health Trust BIAW Health Trust

    The BIAW Health Insurance Program serves members of the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) by providing employers with access to comprehensive and competitive employee benefit options. BIAW offers over 35 medical plans and a selection of dental options from which employers can choose. By pooling together thousands of participating members, the BIAW Health Insurance Program is able to offer significant savings and custom benefits to Building Industry Association of Washington members.


    To get a quote or learn more, please visit biawhealthtrust.com.



    The ROII Program has been around for 33 years, and has over 1,600 companies currently enrolled. view website

    Member Rebate Program Member Rebate Program

    No one likes to leave money on the table. So, what would you think if you could get a rebate for your loyalty to many of the nation's leading Manufacturers? Well, now you can!

    Builders and remodelers - enroll in this program to receive a rebate on products you already buy from over 50 national brands, without saving receipts!

    Suppliers - let your builder and remodeler customers know about this great savings program!

    Log in for savings! (You must be a Builder or Remodeler to qualify)

    Verizon Discount Program Verizon Discount Program

    Verizon has the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless 4G and 3G networks. Through NPP our eligible members* receive a significant % savings.  Contact your local Verizon Representative below.

    Attached are 2 flyers with SICBA’s local contact information:
    Verizon Member Discount Program, Categories eligible
    Verizon Q&A

    To sign up, please visit mynpp.com. If you have any questions or would like to have a Verizon business sales representative reach out to you, please call NPP at 800.810.3909 or email customerservice@mynpp.com.

    • *Companies performing a significant amount of physical construction services, as well as architects, engineers, and surveyors.

    Cost Cutting Discounts Cost Cutting Discounts

    Savings program through National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for cellular equipment, auto rentals, office supplies, shipping discounts, and credit cards.

    State and National Affiliation State and National Affiliation

    Automatic affiliation with Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

    Networking Opportunities Networking Opportunities

    Business contacts and networking with other SICBA Member Companies. Attend our monthly events the third Tuesday of each month. Join a committee, or Reserve for upcoming events now!

    Representation Representation

    Local, State and National representation with lawmakers and lobbying efforts to ensure a secure future for the building Industry SICBA offers a professional approach to legislative issues that affect our industry as a whole.

    No one can afford to “go it alone” in an industry so vital to our local as well as our national economy.

    SICBA recognizes that political groups are consistently gnawing at the very root of the “American Dream” to own a house and property.

    Increased membership and strong organization means that SICBA can and will survive to help every person reach the reality of their “American Dream”. view website

    Information & Resources Information & Resources

    Local information and resources such as the monthly Building Blocks newsletter, Educational Workshops, Goldmine Directory, monthly dinner meetings, links to www.sicba.org and www.skagitbiz.com keeps you up to date on businesses and provide you with local community information and connections.

    State information and resources such as Safety Consultant, Building Insight Newsletter, Legislative alerts, Law Makers Reviews, Campaign Schools and link to www.BIAW.com keeps you up to date on Washington State issues.

    National information and resources such as NAHB library, Home Builders Bookstore, Free Technical Advice, National Building News and links to www.nahb.net and www.homebuilder.com keeps you up to date on National Issues.

    Accident Prevention Plans Accident Prevention Plans

    L&I has sample Accident Prevention Program templates available here. Per the L&I website, "every employer in Washington State is required to create a written Accident Prevention Program (APP) to address the safety and health hazards found in their workplace. Many employers consider their APP as their cornerstone safety program."

    ROII participants are required to have a written safety plan to enroll in the program.


    SICBA Promotions & Advertising SICBA Promotions & Advertising

    • Annual Home & Garden Show Booths and Sponsorship
    • Advertising and flyer opportunities in monthly Building Blocks newsletter.
    • Sponsorship at Events such as Home & Garden Show, Golf Tournament, SICBA Home Tour and Monthly Networking Meetings.
    • Use of the SICBA Logo in your advertising.
    • Advertising on the SICBA Website. 
    • Inclusion in the SICBA Member Goldmine Directory with options for advertising.  View the digital flip book directory by CLICKING HERE.  For the most up to date information view the FIND-A-PRO directory online.

    Did you know that every time you advertise in a local publication you can and should display the SICBA Logo? Be proud of your affiliation and let your friends and neighbors know you belong. If you are featured in a story, be sure to ask them to mention your affiliation with SICBA.

    These are other ways to positively advertise your association.

    AS A REMINDER… In Accordance with RCW 18.27.100 (Business Practices – Advertising – Penalty), SICBA would like to remind you that if you are soliciting business through advertising, you are required to include your Contractor Registration Number on the advertisement. The advertising agency has no responsibility to be sure it is included. SICBA recommends that you include this as part of a check list when submitting advertising to the media in order to comply with the RCW in every way.

    Additional Benefits Additional Benefits

    Your automatic affiliation with BIAW and NAHB offers numerous other benefits.

    A few of those are:

    • Free Legal Advice on Land Use and environmental law from BIAW and NAHB
    • State and National Networking opportunities at BIAW and NAHB events
    • Professional Designation through certification programs to enhance credibility
    • Each year SICBA offers two scholarships to higher institutions of learning
    • News and information to keep you appraised of the latest trends, legislative developments, construction technology and more.

    COVID-19 COVID-19

    BIAW has compiled links to a number of useful resources for businesses including guidance for construction businesses and resources to help businesses offset economic hardships they may be experiencing during this time. You may find these resources here.

  • Educational Classes

  • One of the benefits of being a SICBA member is being able to attend or host educational seminars that will assist you in your endeavors to excel.  Training with or without certification or designation sets a company apart from others as one who is determined to provide the best products and services possible to their customers.   SICBA members also receive a discount on all BIAW education classes, seminars & workshops.  Links to the BIAW courses can be found below.  

    Do you think you have a message that would be valuable as a class?  Let us know!  We would be thrilled to find a platform for you to share your knowledge with our members.

  • SICBA’s Education Classes SICBA’s Education Classes

    All SICBA hosted Education Classes are posted in the EVENTS CALENDAR on our website as well as on our FACEBOOK PAGE as an event.  

  • Projects of the Year Awards

  • There is a standard packet available from SICBA that is very simple to use and makes the submissions uniform in appearance. There are many different categories from small to large commercial and residential for both counties. There is one overall Project of the Year award that will be presented to the one chosen from all the entries. All selections will be made by an unbiased group from another of the state associations – judging is not done in-house.

    The only requirement is that the project must have been completed by December 31 of last year. It does NOT matter when it was started. The cost of submittal is $45 for each project. This helps offset SICBA’s costs of making sure the program is properly administered.

    Call the SICBA office at 757-6916 or 1-888-497-4222 to request a packet.



    CATEGORIES:   Project completed by December 31, 2019 or December 31, 2020. (Regardless of start date)

    Entries are for Island and Skagit Counties separately.

    The Grand Prize selected from winners of all categories in both counties inclusive.

    1. Commercial New Construction
    2. Commercial Remodel
    3. Single Family Residential 0 - 1999 square feet.
    4. Single Family Residential 2000 - 3000 square feet.
    5. Single Family Residential 3001 square feet and above.
    6. Residential Remodel
    7. Multi Family Residential up to 9 units.
    8. Multi Family Residential 10 and more units.
    9. Accessory Building 0 – 1999 square feet.
    10. Accessory Building 2000 square feet and above.
    11. Playhouse
    12. Energy Efficiency and/or Built Green®
    13. Site Improvement/Landscaping/Outdoor Structure
    14. Specialty Contractor contribution to overall project. (Must be nominated by the General Contractor)




    1. SICBA member in good standing.
    2. Building design.
    3. Area enhancement (neighborhood contribution/landscaping).
    4. Craftsmanship



    1. Submission to the SICBA office by March 31, 2021.
    2. Awards will be presented at the 2021 SICBA Awards Dinner.


    CLICK HERE to download Project of the Year Application

  • Spike Club

    Spike Members are the lifeblood of our association. These are the members who are actively recruiting new members and encouraging all members to renew. Here’s how you become a spike:

    • You earn 1 spike credit for each new member
    • 1 credit for the first year they renew
    • ½ credit each renewal thereafter

    The names in bold have recruited a new SICBA member in 2021

  • All Time Big Spike (1500+) All Time Big Spike (1500+)

    Kevin Kartak – 2,563.25*

    Bob Moe, CAPS – 1,611.50

  • Super Spike (250 – 499) Super Spike (250 – 499)

    +John Piazza Sr – 498

    +Dottie Piazza – 374

    Scott Rainwater – 295.5

    +Don Wetsch – 263

    Scott Yonkman, CAPS - 252.5

  • Red Spike (100 – 149) Red Spike (100 – 149)

    Martha Rose – 133*

    +Ed Stanton – 132

    Jon Roberts – 106

    Gary Wray - 105.5

  • Life Spikes (25 – 49) Life Spikes (25 – 49)

    Dave Hillman – 42.5

    Charles Locke – 42

    Curtis Banta, BIAW Certified Builder – 39

    Dee Dee Swartz – 34

    Jim Spane – 33

  • Spike Candidates with new members in 2021 Spike Candidates with new members in 2021

    Roger Privett - 4 

    Jenny Steiner - 3.5

    Kelly Bailey - 3

    Jay Oakes - 3

    Julia Davenport - 3 

    Ernie Hernandez - 2

    Lisa Munson - 2

    Leroy Boren - 1 

    Manny Rojas - 1

    Aaron Schweer - 1  

    Ben Sousa - 1

    Arne Svendsen - 1


  • *Also recruits in other local associations

    +Life SICBA member

  • Grand Spike (1000 – 1499) Grand Spike (1000 – 1499)

    +Patrick Hayes, CGP – 1330.75*

  • Statesman Spike (500 – 999) Statesman Spike (500 – 999)

    Bob Johnson, CAPS, CGP – 893.5

    Shelli Lucus-Kennedy – 825.75

  • Royal Spike (150 – 249) Royal Spike (150 – 249)

    Ron Wallin – 193

    Ted Clifton – 187.5

    Cameron Kartak - 157.5*

    Kym Kelly - 153

  • Green Spike (50 – 99) Green Spike (50 – 99)

    Zane Morrison – 99.5

    Chris Deasy, CAPS, CGP – 80.5

    Keith Swanson – 79

    Josh Baldwin – 76.5

    Brian Gentry – 75.5

    Paul Woodmansee, BIAW Certified Builder – 65

    Ben Burton – 58

  • Spikes (6 – 24) Spikes (6 – 24)

    Jim Thelen – 24

    Kelly Fox – 21.5*

    Tiane White – 21.5

    Dave Johnson – 20.5

    Kim Piazza – 20

    Brynn Riggins – 22

    Michelle Grovdahl – 19

    Kris Tully – 17.5

    Sam Brode – 16

    Joe Woodmansee – 15.5

    Jim Hall – 15

    Peggy Schultz – 14.5

    Jay Roberts – 14

    Dan Wickstrom – 13.5

    Hans Grovdahl - 13

    Nate Kaplan – 11.5

    Chad Fisher – 11.5

    Bob Shupe – 11

    Troy Lautenbach – 11

    Evan Holzknecht –10.5

    John Piazza Jr. – 10

    Kathy Sanchez – 10

    John Ravnik – 10

    Ed Perry – 8

    Ed Olsen – 7.5

    Mike "Oly" Olsen – 7.5

    Karen Watson – 7.25*

    K. Garl Long – 7

    Greg Kreider – 7

    Kris Yaun  7

    Russell Hester – 6.5

    Dave Holmly – 6.5

    Shellie Eubanks – 6.5

    Ed Clark – 6.5

    Tina Cossel-Anderson – 6

    Don Fenimore – 6

  • Newsletters



  • Member Testimonials - SICBA Membership Attributes

  • Jon D. Roberts, CGB, CGP, CAPS of Cascade Custom Homes & Design Inc.

  • A quote to a potential member from Jon D. Roberts, CGB, CGP, CAPS of Cascade Custom Homes & Design Inc.


    “I guess I never told you about the amazing opportunities available from being a member of the Skagit/Island County Builders Association.  Bad on me.  This is a great opportunity that I don’t think you want to miss.  Your membership gives you Local, State and National accountability and perks you can never dream of.  As a subcontractor you will be in our GOLDMINE Directory for other General Contractors to view and use for referrals.  Cascade Custom Homes personally saved over $18,000 in 2013 after a BOGUS L&I Claim in penalties, interest and attorney fees as we were represented by The State Builders Association lawyers!”

  • Josh Baldwin of Quantum Construction

  • Past President Josh Baldwin of Quantum Construction!

    Josh Baldwin, Quantum Construction“Thought I’d throw in my two cents –  the networking is definitely a plus, and I know a large number of our members work almost exclusively with other SICBA members.  But where Quantum gets a lot back is in things like the ROII, health insurance, and discounts on our cell phone bill.  We actually save 13 times our dues in various savings!  Definitely worth it to us.  We’ve also have given somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 in work to sub’s we’ve found through SICBA over the last year and a half.” 




  • Jon Westdal

  • From a Previous Member & Board of Director, Jon Westdal

    Jon Westdal“I was looking at an ad for a business seminar with an accomplished speaker.  One night’s presentation, travel, hotel, food, (wow!) adds up to some big bucks when you sit in an auditorium several hundred feet from a speaker, and just listen.  Well I started thinking. I’m in an organization where 11 times a year, and one picnic, I get to have access to some of the best business people in the Skagit Valley while having dinner and conversation with them! I get one-on-one face time.  By being involved in this organization, I get an additional 11 interactions at meetings.  Again, I get one-on-one face time.  When attending the hill day, I get to know more members and have access to our elected officials in a small setting where I get more one-on-one face time.  By becoming even more involved, going to the next level, I have access to some of the best business people in the state! Yup, you guessed it.  I get one-on-one face time!  Now will I get sales from this?  Probably.  Will I get priceless information, advice, and mentoring?  Without question.  So what am I talking about?  Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association!  Come and join me. Get involved.  It’s an invaluable tool.”

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